PF300 - Introduction to Project Finance

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Professional Development Units (PDUs): 2

Most project managers only become aware of projects once they are assigned to them. Often, by this point in time, others have already set expectations with the project stakeholders that the project team must then try to deliver within. PMs who are at the top of their game, however, try to get involved early in the project lifecycle to help set up the deal for success.

This e-learning course takes the participant into the highest levels of project negotiations and expectation setting: determining the financial structure that will provide a framework for project business case revenues and costs.

Extending far beyond traditional business case factors, this course covers topics such as setting up special project entities, debt versus capital financing options, non-recourse and limited-recourse debt strategies, the parties involved in project finance, contract types, deal structures, and much more. Two case studies of large capital projects will be used to illustrate the principles in action.

Project finance deals are most common in large capital projects such as those found in the engineering and construction of energy, communication and transportation infrastructure; however, these principles are applicable in other fields such as information technology.

This course uses sound. Please have computer speakers or a headset ready.


In this 2-hour self-paced online course, participants will learn:

  • what is project finance
  • types of project finance
  • the stages of project finance
  • legal structures (special purpose entities, convertible bonds, etc.)
  • differences in financing construction versus operations
  • and more...



This course is intended for project sponsors, project engineers, project managers, and those others interested in how large capital projects are financed.