PM111 - How to Become a PMO Leader

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Professional Development Units (PDUs): 32

In this online course, you will learn:

  • Does it make sense for a company to have a PMO if its project development is nascent or non-existent?
  • How to make the case for your office to higher-ups in management – to get more resources, time, and allies in your company.
  • How to make the case for YOURSELF as a leader – knowing yourself, your place in the organizational culture, and getting a great role.
  • How to make your case as a PMO leader when your bosses want a totally different methodology!
  • The advantages (and follies) of a “virtual PMO” – working with people across your organization and around the world.
  • Without executive investment and understanding and support, your PMO won’t have a future – how to cultivate and keep support with stakeholders QUICKLY.
  • How to survive the politics of establishing your new office – both internal and external.
  • How to save your PMO when a mistake and you in hot water. Maybe you’re already here! You’ll discover how to commit triage and salvage your department and your reputation after a string of defeats.
  • What are the WRONG things to focus on as you’re getting started?

With over 24 hours of recorded video plus an ebook and copies of the presentation videos, this course is packed with information.