BM-202 - Agile Documentation Practices

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Professional Development Units (PDUs): 1

Tired of wasting time creating documents that no one will ever read? Spending hours fussing with documents to make them “perfect” only to find out that they didn’t include the right content? Spinning your wheels updating documents to keep them current?

Modern agile management practices propose techniques to operate our businesses more efficiently, to be responsive to changing needs, and to greatly improve our throughput. Agile Documentation is composed of a set of practices that will help you document only the necessary things, in the most efficient way, for exactly the right audience, and in a way that minimizes ongoing updates.

This e-learning course will teach you how to save time and money while still producing quality documents, the agile way.

This course uses sound. Please have computer speakers or a headset ready.

Learning Objectives

In this 1-hour self-paced online course, participants will learn:

  • The three principles of agile documentation
  • How to determine which documents are necessary and what level of detail is needed in each
  • Techniques for reducing the documentation burden on a project while still meeting governance and regulatory requirements
  • Techniques to gain support from management and other stakeholders for a leaner documentation approach
Who Should Attend

This course is intended for anyone on the project team — or the sponsor — who wants to better understand how to reduce waste caused by excessive documentation without increasing project risk.