BM-200 - Agile Business Stakeholder Basics

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Professional Development Units (PDUs): 1

When agile has been selected as a delivery approach, it has far-reaching impacts in the organization beyond just the project delivery team. One of the groups impacted are the business stakeholders who will be working with the agile delivery team.

Aimed at these business stakeholders, this e-learning module addresses questions such as "How does my role change in an agile delivery approach?" and "What do I need to do differently?" The session addresses specific agile processes that business stakeholders need to be engaged in as well as cultural/behavioural changes expected of all agile participants.

This course uses sound. Please have computer speakers or a headset ready.

Learning Objectives

In this 1-hour self-paced online course, participants will learn:

  • how the role of business stakeholders changes in an agile project
  • which agile delivery processes require specific business input
  • time commitments required from business stakeholders
  • behavioural/cultural changes required

This course is intended for any business stakeholder who may be involved in an agile project including the sponsor, product owner, business analysts, subject matter experts, etc.