PM202 - Engineer-Procure-Construct (EPC) Project Management

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Professional Development Units (PDUs): 28

*** Prepare for the Certified EPC Project Manager exam from the Project Management Association of Canada***

Once the EPC Contract has been signed, it is time to manage the project to successful completion. This course looks at the early stages of project development, project delivery systems, why owners choose EPC contracts, Requests For Proposals, and what the Owner goes through to choose the EPC contractor. The course then examines the EPC Contractor (EPCC) team member’s point of view. For the EPCC, the course looks at the WBS to develop the work packages, safety and quality requirements, management of the engineering effort, cost control, Earned Value Analysis (EVA), project reporting, procurement, tendering, construction management, contract administration, training, commissioning and start up, closing out of the contracts and close-out reports.

After completing this self-study course, you will be able to:

  • understand why Owner’s choose EPC, Project Delivery Systems, and EPC Contractor evaluation.
  • maintain project control through an understanding of the critical project relationship of scope, schedule, budget, and resource.
  • build a work breakdown structure for project planning and scoping purposes.
  • quickly develop your project scope for more complete estimates and better cost control.
  • evaluate your project risk issues and how risk affects your project costs.
  • analyze your project status using earned value analysis, which is the preferred method of project progress monitoring.
  • apply the concepts learned to manage changes to the project scope, schedule, budget, and resources.
  • provide project leadership by knowing the Owner’s responsibilities and the EPCC’s responsibilities and using your newly acquired knowledge, determine the best course of action for the project.
  • be proactive in commissioning by integrating the Owner’s responsibilities with the EPCC’s. control your project by understanding and acquiring the information needed for performance monitoring.
  • improve your confidence and leadership buy using this base of knowledge to build on.
  • pass the Project Management Association of Canada's (PMAC) Certificate in EPC Project Management.

Target Audience

This material will be of interest to both the Owner and EPCC project managers and other project personnel. Specifically, project managers new to project management, project engineers, technical people who have been promoted to project management, those looking for direction on their EPC projects, and others who have to manage day-to-day project activities.

What You Get in This Course:
  • you get an electronic (PDF) copy of the course workbook and handouts.
  • you get dozens of streaming videos equaling 17 hours of playback.
  • you get a downloadable ZIP file  with EPC project management templates that retails for $69.95.
  • you get an electronic (PDF) copy of Plant Project Engineering Guidebook for Mechanical and Civil Engineers that retails for $39.95.

This course uses sound. Please have computer speakers or a headset ready.