PM100 - Intro to Oil & Gas Industry Project Management

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Professional Development Units (PDUs): 2

Are you a project manager interested in the employment opportunities available in the booming oil and gas industry?  With high oil prices, the boom in shale oil exploration and development, and a desire to achieve energy independence, there is a huge amount of investment in the oil and gas sector of the economy.  Exploration and drilling, fracking operations, pipelines, LNG terminals -- and much more -- are under construction across North America and around the world. These are major capital projects, many involving hundreds of millions of dollars of investment. These major construction projects are often supported by dozens (or even hundreds) of smaller IT, engineering, procurement, human resources, and other projects, each of which requires a project manager.

While other industries have been downsizing in recent years, the boom in the oil and gas industry has led to many project managers wondering if they can play a role in this booming sector of the economy. Major oil and gas firms have been struggling to fill all of their required project manager positions, and due to the laws of supply and demand, the salaries for such positions have been climbing.

This 2-hour online course will tell project managers from other industries (such as information technology) what it's like to work as an oil and gas project manager to help them determine whether to pursue a position in this field.

The course specifically covers:

    • An oil and gas industry overview
    • The responsibilities and compensation of the oil and gas project manager
    • The common project lifecycle models used in the industry
    • The special focus on risk management in oil and gas
    • The different types of contract models used in oil and gas projects
    • And more...

This course uses sound. Please have computer speakers or a headset ready.